PDF to FlashBook Standard

PDF to FlashBook Standard

Full-featured utility to transform your PDF files into Flash-based e-books
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This Standard version of FlashBookMaker’s PDF To FlashBook wisely combines simplicity with an extensive range of customization options. If you are looking for a simple and fast PDF to Flash e-book conversion, all you need to do is follow the program’s three-step wizard-like interface. Alternatively, you can take some time to personalize the look and feel of your e-book and its playback functionality down to the smallest detail.

Either way, the resulting Flash-based e-book will surely meet your expectations. Its page-flip effect and the wide variety of profiles provided will give your electronic books and magazines a truly professional touch, even when you're using this Standard edition. The book will display in a side-by-side layout, which can be set to play back in any direction, thus supporting books in right-to-left languages.

The amount of features and functions that you can add can be overwhelming at times. You can decide to convert the entire PDF file or a part of it, change its size and quality, include or exclude interactive elements (such as bookmarks, links, etc.), and even add a watermark. This option opens a new application in itself, as the possibilities provided significanty exceed those of a simple side feature – watermarks made up of fully-configurable text, images, shapes, you name it. On the second step of the wizard – Style – the possibilities multiply. Not only you can choose from a long list of attractive layouts, but you can then customize each and every detail in them, from how they look to the level of functionality they will provide to the reader.

If in a hurry, you can always pick up the default style and move on to the Publish tab. Here you are offered five useful options – a Flash player embedded in an HTML file for easy Internet publishing, a ZIP or an EXE file for easy distribution, a Mac app, and the possibility of burning your project to CD. Here you can opt to use the program’s batch-publishing capabilities – it will transform into Flash e-books as many PDF files as you wish, all with the same layout settings you selected for the first book.

All this extra functionality that somehow takes you out of the wizard’s path may be a bit distracting at times, if not confusing. It is your choice, however, to stick to the conventional or to create a more personal, innovative kind of flash e-book.

Francisco Martínez
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Review summary


  • Extensive range of customization options
  • Good choice of templates
  • Allows you to apply security elements to your e-books
  • You can choose among EXE, ZIP, and HTML for the output
  • Can burn your Flash e-book to CD


  • Following its wizard-like interface can be confusing at times, due to the various options that open in new windows
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